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Kassandra Haddock - I Don’t Need Your Love

Divorced, Beheaded, Died. Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

This is the memory hook many people use in order to remember the numerous wives of Henry the VIII, who was king of England over 500 years ago. He went through numerous marriages replacing his queen whenever he felt like it and used his powers to get away with his deeds.

After plenty of books, plays and movies about the former king’s life, Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow brought the story back to stage in 2017. But this time they changed history to her-story. With SIX: The Musical they are shedding a different light on the lives of the six queens by telling the events from their points of view. Catherine Parr is the one who eventually survived the king and his tyranny. And this is how she did it.

Annika Brondke - I Belong To Me

The empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissi, was Queen of Hungary and Empress of Austria in the 19th Century. Although she was married to Franz Joseph all her life it was known that she did strive for something more. She was keen on travelling on her own, wanted to be independent and rebelled against the strict rules of the court many times. Elisabeth’s freedom loving character is especially well captured in the musical about her life of the same name. She was constantly fighting the conflict of living the perfect life as an empress that people expected of her or actually following her interests and being her own woman. The song “I belong to me” (GER: Ich gehör nur mir) eventually shows her individual striving for her interests and represents female power and independence.

Helen Monica Regina - Breathe Me

Gregor Sönnichsen - Rite Of Passage & Other Thoughts

The Sacred and the Profane

As object of reality and
subjective consciousness upon it
She, as many other beings,
decides herself in a two-fold way.

Rite of Passage

From the Sea a Phoenix rises
As they have done so many times before
And while she wonders how to fly
Time is slowly passing by.

Rebecca Reum - The Perfect Human

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Heidi Daouk - Id, Ego & Superego

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Jenny Müller - Cold & Other Thoughts

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Benedikt Wittenberg - POV Anne Hathaway

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Miriam Ghobrial - Quel Beau Dimanche

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